Global Urban
Water Security

A global network working to achieve equitable, accessible and secure water systems in urban centres across the world.

Cities, towns and their basins around the world are increasingly facing water scarcity and severe droughts.

Water shortages manifest in severe and potentially catastrophic consequences for societies, economies, the environment and human wellbeing.

To confront these issues and build resilience to climate change, there is a growing appetite to learn from the experiences of other cities and develop new ways to plan and manage urban water systems.

What we offer

Access to a global
network of expertise
and individuals

Rapid situation
appraisal, options
and program design

Training and skills

Long term, adaptive,
integrated planning for
water security
and drought

Risk identification,
monitoring, evaluation
assessment and review

aligned with the
Development Goals

Who we are

ISF conducts project-based applied research to support communities, governments and businesses to create change towards sustainable futures.

Canal de Isabel II is a public water utility that manages the whole water cycle within the Madrid Region. The goal of the company is to guarantee water supply, in both quantity and quality, to all its customers, to manage the drainage and sanitation systems, and to actively contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment, for the benefit of society as a whole.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is a non-governmental organisation based in the US that is dedicated to the efficient and sustainable use of water globally, focusing particularly on urban water shortages caused by drought.

ICE WaRM is recognised globally for leadership and innovation in collaborative approaches to capacity development for water management and sustainable economic development.

Water UK represents and works with the major water and wastewater providers from both the private and public sectors in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our vision is of a water sector that provides customers and communities with world-class services and enhances the UK’s quality of life.

Power and Water Corporation is the Northern Territory’s only water utility, responsible for water and sewerage services to 92 small remote communities and larger centres across an area of more than 1.3 million square kilometres.

Waterwise plays an essential role in driving ambition and innovation in water efficiency. It’s a key player in the Blueprint for Water coalition of NGOs which challenges and supports the water sector to ensure that it delivers for people and wildlife.

Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales by geographic area. We supply water and water recycling services to more than six million customers in the east of England and Hartlepool: one of the country’s driest and fastest-growing regions.

Pacific Institute produces research that advances a sustainable environment, healthy economy, and social equity with science-based solutions that lead to social and political change.

Climate-KIC Australia is dedicated to creating a climate resilient, liveable and thriving Australia for all by catalysing transformative, cross-sectoral responses to climate change.

Research and projects

Responding to and planning for drought

The Global Water Security Network’s experience and toolkits span the wide range of issues and options needed to respond to drought.

What is
‘water security’?

Digital metering


Emergency leakage management

Sanitation and wastewater management

Emergency water supply package infrastructure

Recycling, reuse and decentralised systems

Stakeholder engagement

Integrated energy, water, food security and land-use planning


Regulatory and policy framework design and analysis

Economic analysis and business case

Financing, pricing and revenue stabilisation

Real options analysis

Global Water Security Network primary contacts

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